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So Cold

// December 9th, 2009 // Comments Off on So Cold // Information

I was playing a guessing game at 5:30am this morning. I cold see that the roads are wet, but I could not figure out whether it is raining or not. I decided to go out and ride. It was cold, really cold. Nearly no one outside, except for a guy and his German Sheppard dog who decided that if he is outside and there is someone he can chase, i.e. me, he should do so. That woke me up instantly forcing me to speed away to avoid a dog bite. The wind was blowing in different directions, which caused me to be slower in some parts of my ride, although I could tell I am investing energy as usual. The truth is I was glad to get back home, get a warm shower, and a cop of coffee. The weather is tricky these days. It was raining during the night time, and it is just beautiful outside now. That said, it should rain for the rest of the week as well. I guess I would have to find the right time in between if  I want to ride again this week.