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Getting a Bike (Part III)

// December 5th, 2009 // Comments Off on Getting a Bike (Part III) // Information

I woke up the next morning at 5am ready to test the Hoo Koo E Koo at my home ground. A minute or two into the ride I felt something is wrong. I was leaning forward way too much. At first I tried to ignore it and to continue to ride. But as I covered more grounds I started feeling really uncomfortable on the bike. My hands were hurting from a lot more weight I have now put on them, my back started hurting, etc.

I took the bike to the bike shop. Only now they figured out they need to measure the sag. Sag is the compression of the fork caused by the rider’s weight. The sag should be between 15 and 25 percent of maximum travel. If you’re unable to achieve optimum sag you may need to change the fork’s air pressure (Air based forks), spring or preload (Coil). Even when trying to put more pressure into the fork my sag was above 30%. We gave the local representative of Rock Shox a call to find that we are at maximum pressure, and that I may need a different fork then the Tora Solo Air.

I was furious. I am the one with no idea about how to fit a bike and these guys just sold me something which does not fit me – twice now! I could not understand why didn’t they check this before I left the store, and why didn’t they bother with it entirely?!?!

I left the bike at the store and went home thinking. I decided that instead of relying on answers that may not be true I would send an email to Fox Racing Shox and to SRAM asking about my weight and their front forks.

The next morning I got an answer from Fox. I can use any of their front forks provided I do not go over 200 psi. They also advised it may be wise to use a fork that has a 15QR through-axle system (the 32 series) or one with a 20QA through-axle system (the 36 series).

Now I knew what I need as for the front fork. It also meant that I would have to invest more then that I have originally envisioned.

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