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Getting a Bike (Part II)

// December 3rd, 2009 // Comments Off on Getting a Bike (Part II) // Information

Figuring out I had bought the wrong bike did not do well with me. It is a disappointment that you trust someone just to find out you had been deceived. I would not mind being told that I need to loose some weight until I need to mount a bike (which is not true), or to let me know I need to buy a more expensive bike, but not to be deceived.

I had a business trip that prevented me from replacing my bike immediately. I went to California for few days. I used my spare time to cruise through several bike stores trying to understand what type of a bike should I be getting? Should an uber Clyde like me get a hardtail or a full suspension? What should be my limits?

I have posted to forums trying to gather as much information as possible from other folks in a similar situation.

There were no concrete answers until I have tried out some bikes myself. On bikes with full suspension it seemed the rear suspension on most of those would not bare my weight.  It was important for me to get this understanding. It also had put me at a certain price range with a clear upper limit.

I got back home after 10 days on the road eager to ride a bike and to get a new one.

I tried going to several other bike stores to understand what are my choices. It only frustrated me more. The knowledge level experienced was low. No idea about the rear suspension issue for a guy that weights as much as I am.  Just seeing the opportunity to sell a more expensive bike and nothing more then that.

Frustrated, I have decided to try the chain I got my bike from and see what can I do. I went to their main store in Tel-Aviv. I was offered the Gary Fisher Tassajara. A fine bike with a Rock Shox Tora Solo Air 100mm front fork. I rode the bike around and was very pleased. The problem was with the price. Unlike the other store I got my bike from (the same chain), these guys were not willing to give me the 15% discount off the price of the bike, as I was promised. I decided to get the bike from the store I purchased the bike from, get the discount, and end this once and for all.

Discussing this with a friend, he offered getting the Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo and not the Tassajara. The difference was not that big so the folks at he bike store had shipped the bike from another sore and have built it for me. Since I was warned not to touch coil-based front forks we have flipped the Rock Shox coil-based Recon SL 100mm front fork, which comes with the Hoo Koo E Koo, with the Rock Shox Tora Solo Air 100mm which comes with the Tassajara.

I took the bike home. I was pleased. A great bike, a front fork that fits me, what in the world can go wrong?

A whole lot!

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