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A significant better well being

// December 12th, 2009 // Comments Off on A significant better well being // Diet, Information

I am not sure what is the exact reason. I am sure that taking the decision of dieting, and being on track with it has a significant impact on my overall feeling. Added to that the fact I am keeping my riding schedule and enjoying cycling more and more. On the past week or so I feel enormously better with myself.

I also feel that I have tuned down a bit, on the positive side. I am more willing to listen, I try to help more at home, I am having a routine I can follow and it helps a lot.

All I can hope is for this feeling to continue.

My current riding routine / At 5am it is really cold outside

// December 1st, 2009 // Comments Off on My current riding routine / At 5am it is really cold outside // General

5am in the morning. The alarm clock starts to beep. It is winter. It is cold. It is time for me to get up and prepare for my morning ride…

Currently I ride three times a week. When I ride at mid-week I ride the roads near my flat. I just take the bike, go outside and just ride for about 12km. On the weekends, where I have more time, I ride on trails (did 24km last Saturday).

When you ride around your neighborhood you get to see the usual suspects that wakes up as early as you to walk, jogg, walk their dogs, etc.

It is actually funny when you miss some ‘regulars’ and you wounder why they are not there.

I ride very early in the morning in order to fit my riding with my schedule. On one hand I do not want it to take its toll on my family. My work does that as is, so my hobby cannot add to that. This way a delicate balance is being maintained.

Still, at 5am its really cold out there!