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// January 2nd, 2010 // Comments Off on Grounded // Bloging, Family, Riding

I had to bring my bike to the shop for repairs for the second time this week. I have a weird problem that shows itself after about 20km – you simply cannot turn the pedals (crank) any more. The symptoms appear when pedaling gets more and more difficult (on the same gear shift, riding the same terrain, etc.) until at a certain point you cannot pedal anymore. When this happens gears are not being shifted.

I had already been to the bike shop on Wednesday with the same problem… and they did not find anything. Yesterday, after I was nearly thrown off the bike because of this, I decided to bring the bike back to the shop for repairs. At least this had happened near the end of my ride, so I felt I accomplished my goal riding this Friday.

It is odd to wake up in the morning to a beautiful sunny day in the middle of the winter, and not being able to ride. Instead of riding I used the time to go with the wife and kid to the port of Tel-Aviv where we enjoyed spending some quality time together.

I hope to get my bikeback  as fast as I can. Next Saturday I will be on a plane to New York on a business trip for a week…