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Things I have learned today

// December 11th, 2009 // 1 Comment » // Information

I have learned today different things I was not aware of, and it made a total sense to me when trying to apply these on myself. See, for an uber Clyde like me (320lbs) a bike’s geometry is one of the most important things. Usually, I would not be able to ride (for too long at least) a bike with an aggressive attack angle (I call the angle between the seat and the handlebar the attack angle). It is due to my weight and the balance that needs to be achieved on the bike. The most common thing that would happen is a hurting and/or numb hands, sore back, etc.  Actually a lot of issues that relates to Clydes is a bike’s geometry and fitting someone to a certain bike.

Bikes are not designed for Clydes. They are designed for the average Joe. This is why we find ourselves riding bikes, which simply does not fit us. One of the mistakes is to fit us onto a bike with a 100mm front fork. It is simply not enough for us, and contributes to the overall aggressive attack angle of these bikes. Even when a different stem and/or a handlebar are used, it might not fix the problem.

This is why the bikes that are destined for All Mountain, Freeride, and Downhill better fits us. Not only they have a more relaxed geometry (i.e. the attack angle is minimal), but they are also using a front fork of 140mm and even 160mm.

I tested a few bikes today with a front fork of 140mm and 160mm. Those that are All Mountain oriented were performing best for me. The more relaxed angles, plus the fork, made a significant change.

The one thing I wish is for stores here to guide us better. Tell me the truth, or tell me you do not know. Don’t put me on a rode with a dead end. The sport of bicycles is a great sport. We can, and we are, enjoying it not less then anyone else. We just need to be fitted on the right bike!