The idea to have this site, and to start writing came from my inability to loose weight. I am 36, married with a 3 year-old kid. I am a big guy weighting around 140kg/320lbs. For a long time I tried to move away from the coach potato state and invest time into sports. See, walking is too boring for me, and there was not a lot to choose from. I came across cycling since my father-in-law is a big fan.

It also took my a while to figure out that I must start moving myself. See, having a kid makes you think a lot. I cannot imagine my kid grow up without her father being around just because I was not responsible for myself, and of course did not take the appropriate responsibility for my family, for those I really care for.

I bought a bike 3 months ago. I cycle, and I enjoy it much. The part which is missing is the way of life meaning that I now must tie it with a proper diet, to loose weight, and to start having a better quality of life.

This site is my commitment. It is to document my progress. It is to document my experience going through this journey. The intention is to be open and honest about the whole process and hopefully to help and inspire others along the way. I will be writing on my biking experience as well (there is a lot to learn when you are a big guy about that one!).