Frustrated… So what do I do now?

// February 2nd, 2010 // Bloging, Diet, Riding

It has been covered in recent articles, and it is something that I do encounter nearly inall my rides – the bike is slow on flat terrain. Sure, it is an All Mountain bike and not a Trail bike, but still, the bike was design to be your everyday ride and not just an All Mountain. Add to that the fact that I am a big guy and the geometry of the bike is very good for me… and you can see why did I get this bike. Currently my riding style is Trail more then anything else. The winter has its contribution as well. When it rains and when there is mud out there I prefer to ride in Park Hayarkon for about 25km – 20km. When riding in the park everything just seems so slow. I cannot get more then around 20km per hour.

With 14Kg that were already lost (in 8 weeks), an XT crank, XT cassette, and an XTR chain, I thought I should be getting some more speed. I know that the 2.35 tire does not role fast, and that a 2.2 or a 2.0 tire would be faster, but it seems odd to me to use these tires on an All Mountain bike.

The psychology of things simply drives me nuts. Losing a significant amount of weight had to improve something with my ride, right? Or am I just too linear on this? Maybe it just takes its time, maybe I had a really awful riding day… everything is possible. What is clear is that I had been frustrated all day long, instead of being happy about the things I managed to achieve.

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