A month had gone by

// December 31st, 2009 // Bloging, Diet

It has been more then a month now since I have decided to change my way of life. From a personal perspective this time of the year greatly helps. It is the end of the year and I haven’t traveled for work in the past five weeks. Next week I am home as well. This had allowed me to build a routine that better fit my needs as well as to spend valuable time with the wife and kid.

8kg/17.6 lbs were lost in the first four weeks of my diet and I have moved from a 15x to a 14x weight (in Kgs). My rides are longer and I feel much more confident on the bike. I like planning a route and more importantly to fully execute it in the outdoors.

My biggest test would be when traveling again, keeping my diet abroad. I know I would need to exercise while away from home, and although I hate walking, it seems the only logical solution to the problem due to the gym availability at the hotels I stay in.

I feel a lot better with myself, more energetic. At last I am putting efforts in enhancing my quality of life and I am extremely happy about this!

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