// December 21st, 2009 // Bloging, Riding

The one thing I have replaced with the Enduro is the pedals. Instead of the nothing you get with the bike, I got Crank Brothers Mallet 2 pedals. Why should I mess around with cleats when I have only 4 months of experience riding bikes? – The answer is simple. My knees.

See, since I am a big guy my legs are placed on the pedals in an angle and not strait. My right leg has the worst angle where my heel sometimes touches the chain guard. This had a direct effect over the pain I feel in my knees after a ride. So what would be an appropriate solution? Cleats! Force the leg to be placed strait on the pedal.

Today it was the first time I rode my bike with the new pedals. I have tried to get my shoes connected with the cleats in the driveway but failed. It took me a kilometer and a half until I got the left shoe to get connected. Suddenly I heard a click… and that was that. Only two kilometers after I managed to get the right shoe connected as well. I could feel the difference immediately, although my right leg still wanted to shift right, but the shoe had prevented that.

The use of cleats forced the legs to be placed strait on the pedals lowering the pressure on the knees. I was not stressed from the fact I was connected to the bike. Only on one part of the ride I got nervous. The part where I have a stoplight and I am to stop. For some reason I could not disconnect at first, but after taking a deep breath I disconnected… finally.

I hope that in time and with the fact my muscles should get stronger (as they all say and write about), and with the use of cleats, most of my knee pain would vanish.

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