My Diet, Day 20

// December 18th, 2009 // Diet

Tomorrow I will be completing three weeks of diet. I must admit it, I though it would be harder. The one thing I find hard, still, is when I am away from home and need to eat. In some places I can find what I need and to keep with my strict attitude. In some places I need to adjust a bit. It does not mean I divert from the cause, it just means I may eat some things I would usually not include with my food (more oil for example, etc.). This weekend I am away with my wife on a SPA resort. Luckily I am able to maintain my diet here.

This week I did not ride. It was a miserable combination of being sick part of the week, and of rain…lots of rain. It seems when I am back I will be able to ride. It simply burns in my veins…

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